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Why Active Ethos Matters

Employee engagement actively contributes to productivity and customer experience. To put it another way: disengaged employees actively damage productivity and relationships.

According to Gallup, companies with good culture are 21% more profitable and see 41% less absenteeism. An 11-year study demonstrated a difference of over 500% revenue growth between organisations with a thriving company culture and without. 47% of people actively seeking a new job cite corporate culture as their reason for leaving, 37% prize recognition above all else, and only 29% are happy with their development. Consider the cost and risks of replacing staff and the impact starts to loom.​


And what of your clients and customers? These days, brand image cannot be controlled by its owners - the outside world knows too much, sees too much to allow this. Authenticity is not a buzzword, it's essential to brand growth - and people are looking for organisations with purpose to discover and share. Culture, communicated makes the difference. Look at the success of Patagonia, whose values mirror those of its target market: it grew 30% in one year alone, the year when its Christmas ad said "Don't buy this jacket."

Culture drives engagement and reputation, and Active Ethos is the way to bring it wholeheartedly into your organisation through a tightly managed, well documented and highly collaborative process. 

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