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Our Process

If you are the next-gen leader who is starting the process of cultural transformation, you need to know you can trust the process. You're probably a lone voice at the moment, and it's essential to do this the right way.

Larkenby's methodology is tried and tested. We have a clear process of introduction, research, analysis, creation and co-creation, review, planning, and handover. Every step is explained and quoted in advance, and documented for your records. We bring your team in, your clients, suppliers and stakeholders; we draw out what binds and inspires them and connect it with the realities of life in your business.


With every project there will be times where we need to flex and adapt. Sometimes we need to take steps back in the process - maybe speak to different people, or review something that felt established but needs to change - and sometimes steps sideways, to address consequences of our work. It's essential you can trust us to recognise those moments and make good decisions.


You can rest assured that the process provides a robust framework, our experience allows us to interpret your needs intelligently, and in the course of its delivery the people you need to get on side will get there.

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