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Why did I launch Larkenby?

Two reasons.

Having brought a clear set of values and culture stemming from them into my brand communications agency, Spring, I am a convert.

I’ve seen the impact it has on people. I’ve seen how people who ‘get it’ are spurred on by it and use it to propel themselves where they want to go - and how people who don't, don’t.

I’ve seen that it’s hard work, fit only for the brave and the dedicated. And I’ve seen the seismic impact it makes on performance, productivity and profits.

But there’s more.

In the very early days of Spring I realised that unless culture runs deep, brands can’t thrive.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that culture IS brand. People’s experience of a brand stems from their experience with it - and that informs their views.

So a sluggish team means a sluggish brand. A sneer at the bar is an unfriendly beer. A ripped parcel might just tear it for you. A lukewarm pizza leads to a lukewarm customer.

I love motivating teams to love their work, and do their best work.

And I love creating brand stories that give businesses a platform from which they can build profile, bravery, quality, ambition, customer service and loyalty.

So I launched Larkenby to help good companies become great companies, by making the most of their assets - especially their team, digging deep into their values, and lifting themselves above the competition.


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