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Values? No thanks, we've GOT values!

In considering who might need Larkenby, it would be too easy to limit it to organisations who don't yet have a set of declared values.

We sweep in, agree some core principles and write them up.

Ta-dah! Job done.

One set of values to the woman in the blue suit.

But it's not that simple.

For a start, pretty much EVERY organisation has a set of values.

They might be tucked away as a sub-page in the footer of the website.

Or they might be writ-large behind reception, and emblazoned on every mug in the canteen.

But the question about them is: are they really your values?

You might want to consider who had input, how they were drawn up, and how deep they run in the organisational soul.

The board? An away day session? Surface level?

Then we'd respectfully suggest that you may need to reconsider them.

Developing values takes deep-delving into the experiences and attitudes of your team, your customers and your network. Hearing their stories, and spotting patterns in them. Picking out what's important (whether that's through its presence or its absence).

It takes craft to whittle that down into a succinct, clear set of values phrased to be easy to understand and daunting to live up to. Match-fit for unrelenting roll-out across the organisation, with all the energy and stamina that takes.

So in fact, what we have discovered is that the organisations we work with already know they need values to drive their culture, and have got some.

And yet ... and yet.

If that sounds like you (got values, don't feel them in your belly, and most of your colleagues couldn't name them or describe them) then you're probably ready for Larkenby.


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