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Three ways to keep building your values muscles

Here's the snag with values. They are like muscles. If you don't keep up the work, they start to shrink and shrivel. Here are three ways you can keep them strong.

1. Having agreed a genuine, wholehearted organisational culture set, enshrine it everywhere in everything. Make it a core aspect of your business throughout all your departments. Ensure marketing builds it into their briefs, HR into recruitment and contracts, procurement into tenders, and production into QC.

2. Recruit culture champions, and encourage them to find new ways to keep bringing your values to life. Meet them, reward them, listen to their feedback. Fuel their interest to maintain it.

3. Instil continuous induction, where every team member is mentored regularly with goals and actions that are matched to the culture. This allows honest feedback and encourages receptiveness, fuelling an environment of positive progression across all levels of the business, consistently underpinned by your unique value set.

These actions, pursued with intent, will help you keep those value muscles strong.


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