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How our own Ethos comes to life

A set of values is good, but it helps to explain them clearly and simply. We break ours down into a few sections: where and when you encounter it, what it means, how it feels for us, how it feels for you, and a single word it rests on. Here it is in full for our own Ethos.

1. Bring Positive Energy

Where and when: This is the very first impression you get.

Means that: We approach everything with energy and positivity

My perspective: “I am full of enthusiasm right now!”

My effect on others: “I am gathered up by and confident about this person. I feel excited.”

In one word: Enthusiasm

2. Seek, and speak, truth

Where and when: This happens as we get to know each other

Means that: We get to the facts, and we share them in clear and compelling ways

My perspective: “I will ask until I understand, and I will then make it easy for others to understand too”

My effect on others: “They take the trouble to get to the bottom of things, and to help my people get it”

In one word: Rigour

3. Ignite others’ greatness

Where and when: This comes when, and because, we work together

Means that: Our focus is on growing those we come into contact with

My perspective: “I will find out what makes people tick, what they’re great at, and I will help them shine”

My effect on others: “I feel lifted by this connection: that I am gaining more opportunities than I knew about”

In one word: Catalyst

4. Keep your promises

Where and when: This is an essential, unswerving duty to our word

Means that: What is assured is a line in the sand and we can be trusted to stick to it

My perspective: “I will commit to what I have promised to do, say and give”

My effect on others: “I feel safe that I won’t be let down, gazzumped or wrong footed.”

In one word: Integrity

5. Onward, ever onward

Where and when: This is about the momentum of a project and development of greater ambitions

Means that: Pace will be maintained, and the targeted outcomes will be our base point

My perspective: “I will keep up my energy, support others to keep up theirs, and we will aim beyond the finish line”

My effect on others: “I’m slightly out of breath but keen to keep up, I’m excited and ever more confident about what we can achieve”

In one word: Momentum

6. Leave things better

Where and when: This is at the close, a good place with a good feel to it.

Means that: Whatever the situation and wherever the place, we leave it better in some way than when we arrived

My perspective: “I want to make sure the traces I leave are positive ones”

My effect on others: “They respect me and us, they care about their impact, they’ve had good intent and delivered on that.”

In one word: Respect


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