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Feel values. Do culture.

You can talk about culture and values pretty interchangeably. But there is a difference.

Values are things you feel in your belly. They are your beliefs. When faced with tough choices, reaching into your values will give you the answer. For people and for organisations alike, they are deep-set, instinctive and it takes some soul searching to alight on them.

Culture is the ecosystem you build up around them. It is your behaviour, and needs formalising so everyone understands what to expect of you, and what's expected of them. It transposes your values into the everyday life of the business.

No culture, and your values cannot take hold. No values and you'd be hard pressed to express a vision for the business, recruit well, articulate your brand, set SLAs - the list goes on.

To build a great business with a strong team you need both values and culture in place and fully supported at every level, communicated and understood internally and externally.


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