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Establishing values? Be more Marmite.

There’s a philosophy in sales, that you want to get to “No” quickly. Why, when we’re all about positives, success and optimism? Because there’s nothing more time wasting and morale sapping than a slow no.

Your values are your core opportunity to avoid things that aren’t right for your business. Whether that’s team, clients or business partners, culture is your number one filter. Experience teaches us all that a misfit in any of those areas, however tempting, never works in the long run - and your culture helps you avoid the pain of learning.

What that means is your values must be 100% true to you. And what that means is not everyone is going to like them.

Culture isn’t culture unless you feel it in your belly. It’s your point of reference when you have to make tough choices. It’s your raison d’etre, your moral compass, your DNA. It's hard-edged, crystal clear and brutally honest.

Your aim is to create a values set that some people are absolutely passionate about, and makes others recoil. To filter out people who are kinda interested, and draw in people who really get it and really, really want to be part of it all.

So in establishing your values, think Marmite, not vanilla.


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