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Corporate Culture Champions: are you brave enough?

Over the course of Step One Active Ethos workshops, and in following up around them, one thing has become abundantly clear to me.

Larkenby is most needed where we are not wanted.

Where there is strong resistance to culture, it's very hard for people like you who see its value to embed it. It's something that key people across your organisation have to get behind as well for it to work - because it takes stamina, and it's a team game.

If you are the champion for culture in your business, and you're facing derision, or just apathy, you've got a big job ahead of you. Never underestimate that.

Equally, never underestimate how worth it that job is.

Get Active Ethos in place and you will transform your people, their performance, your market position and your profitability. It seeds everywhere. Talent management, processes, partnerships, product development, brand communications.

And not just the big ticket items. Good corporate culture has most ongoing value when it comes to the little steps - cost savings, process efficiencies, accurate reporting, time management, sick day reduction, quality control.

If you're facing the challenge, you need someone beside you who can help you set out exactly why this is worth doing, and how it needs to be done. Who can draw your colleagues in to be champions not terrorists. Who can help you set the vision, interrogate your values, maintain momentum, launch well and sustain it as a corporate asset.

So if you think the your colleagues would really rather we weren't there: it's probably the time to call us in.


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