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Chanel recruiting culture leaders

On the day that Glassdoor releases its annual list of best places to work, our eyes are peeled as ever for organisations that demonstrate real commitment to their culture.

So we were delighted to stumble across this recruitment ad for a Leadership Development Lead for Chanel which wraps together brand, values and culture across their global team.

In their words:"The Global Learning & Development department’s aim is to ensure leaders and managers feel equipped to transmit CHANEL’s Brand, values, and culture across the organization through a set of experiences, while actively working on the infusion of a shared culture within the House around these topics. The ambition, ultimately, is to ensure we are building the right capabilities for now and the future."

How excellent to see them making such a direct link between values, culture and future leaders - this is exactly the route to take, and a critical investment in today's challenging market conditions.

It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for someone who is coming up in the culture world and wants to stretch their wings at a genuinely iconic business.


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