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Back to the start...

If there is a single starting point for Larkenby, this scribble captures it.

Having pondered my own values in a fairly haphazard way over the years, and in a position where I needed something substantial to lean on to help me make some tough decisions, these notes show the moment the fog started to clear.

It took a while longer to really establish my own, and alongside that to bring them into the business I owned as a launch pad for the collaborative exercise of creating the company's values.

From that point grew the very first iteration of Active Ethos - not that I knew it at the time. It was an instinctive process of total focus on using those values to drive a positive culture, and of that the final outcome for me was an MBO to the SLT and complete focus on other organisations' values and culture through Larkenby.

It's rare that 'tipping point' moments are recorded, so I find these scruffy notes an object to treasure.


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