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2021. Make it the year you lead with values.

Do you find challenging conversations difficult?

Do you avoid them?

That, my friend, is the danger zone: because what you let slide becomes your culture.

Those tough conversations have to be had.

Not just by you, but between everyone in your organisation.

They are the grit that makes the pearl.

But - how?


Define your values.

Build them around your vision

Make them true, make them clear, make them brief.

Instil them everywhere, in everyone and everything.

They will allow you to frame those tricky chats.

Make them objective, not subjective.

Contextualise them in progress.

So why not make #2021 the year you crack your values?

You will empower yourself and your people to challenge, confront and critique.

Without fear and with positive, shared intent.

And you will see immediate and ongoing benefits.

Good luck!


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