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17 reasons to dig deep and unearth your true values

I found some doodlings I made a few years back about why people might want to take the time to delve deeper into their values. It seemed rather poetic. It's also great timing as we are currently launching a new programme helping people to do just this: if you're interested do contact us for details.

Why is it worth taking time to clarify your values?

  1. Because it provides clarity

  2. Because they will be truthful and honest

  3. Because they will stand up to rigorous questioning and investigation

  4. Because whatever the fluctuations of opinion in the world, you can trust your decisions

  5. Because they will be unique and ownable (What you consider to be right may not chime with someone else and that’s fine.)

  6. Because if you’re ahead of the tide you will benefit once it joins you

  7. Because they will filter out unsuitable people and opportunities

  8. Because they will give you a clear set of perameters for decisions

  9. Because they will give you pride

  10. Because it helps you filter out what isn’t imperative to you

  11. Because people who you respect will respect you for them

  12. Because if the core is solid, you don’t have to be intransigent, but can be flexible and trust your instinct

  13. Because they will give you the courage of your convictions if you face opposition or challenge

  14. Because you can look your kids in the eye

  15. Because they will help you live the life you want, not just one that 'does'

  16. Because it smokes out the wrong values. (Would you give things up for them?)

  17. Because how would you feel if you did the other? (That means once you have established a value, do it. Don’t just say it.)


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