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Our Clients

We work with CEOs, boards and their teams, clients and stakeholders to craft good values and start the process of cultural transformation. You can read some of their stories via the drop down menu.

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TEX Group

Global suppliers of hydraulic piling hammers, air traffic control rooms, radio frequency-blocking glazing (EMC/EMI/RFI shielding), road construction equipment, gensets, large-scale marine diesel and traction engine refurbishment, plastic injection moulding and panel products

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Brafe Engineering

Britain’s leading precision-engineering company for global process industries. An Employee Ownership Trust with family members as Chair and Managing Director. Renowned across the world for technical innovation and manufacturing quality.

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Bacton Transport

Established in 1932, third-generation family owned Bacton Transport Services Limited provides general and dedicated road transport and distribution services to businesses across the UK. The company’s principal operations are in Suffolk with an increasing footprint across the UK.

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Festival of Suffolk

A celebration of Suffolk for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the festival is not one event but a whole six-month programme. This is for everybody to enjoy, and aims to create a £5m legacy fund to be awarded for community needs in perpetuity.

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Erika's passion for bespoke values as the starting point of cultural transformation started when she did it in her own business, the creative communications agency Spring. It fundamentally changed the business over the course of four years. Spring is now owned by its former Senior Leadership Team.

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St Elizabeth hospice

St Elizabeth Hospice aims to improve life for people living with progressive and  terminal illnesses by providing multi-disciplinary holistic specialist and dedicated palliative care services in a timely manner, where the patient wishes to be.

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