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About us

Larkenby was launched in 2020 by Erika Clegg. It is a specialist culture consultancy which works with CEOs, owners, boards and their teams, members, clients and stakeholders to craft bespoke values and start the process of cultural transformation. We call it ‘ActiveEthos’.


Larkenby’s mission is to transform 100 organisations through ActiveEthos by 2030.


Establishing your values is the starting point to transformation for anything. Larkenby’s focus is on digging deep to understand the intrinsic values that exist in the organisation, or which are necessary to achieve its vision; and to articulate them uniquely in a way that makes them take hold.


We then also help our clients set up actions, people and processes to ensure those values come to life in everything they do and say, everywhere and through everyone, to become their culture.

Image by N Kamalov

Using four steps, we transform organisations' culture through ethos. They come out of the process with:

  • greater sense of purpose

  • appetite for opportunity

  • cohesive and excellent teams

  • stronger market impact

  • loyalty, effectiveness and profitability

  • ... and more besides.

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