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Larkenby helps next-generation leaders of established businesses deliver transformation through corporate culture.

Our approach engages boards and their teams, clients and stakeholders to craft bespoke values and start the process of cultural transformation. We call it 'ActiveEthos' - the unrelenting application of a really well-crafted set of values to build culture. 

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Always important, culture is crucial when things get tough. When you have to stand out in a squeezed market. When your team has to pull together. When you have to make hard choices and big changes. That's when a robust, values-based culture becomes absolutely essential.

We all know that "Culture eats strategy for breakfast". There's a plethora of books chock-full of insight to the importance of corporate ethos (you've probably read them). But applying all this great stuff in the real world is a different matter.

If you want to turn insight into action, theory into practical steps, Larkenby's the answer. We help you create impact and unlock opportunities for growth through your values, stitched into every aspect of your business to create a thriving culture.

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"...Larkenby helped us to bring our values to life and articulate them in a way which all our people, customers and suppliers can relate to as practical, demonstrable and sincere. The Bacton Way has become an important part of life at the company and a key part of our strategy for growing the business."
Charles Downie, Managing Director, Bacton Transport Services

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